Jot-It To Me is an app for scheduling and sending reminders/messages via text or email to yourself or to others.

Ever wish you can schedule reminders, email messages or texts to yourself, your friends, family members or to others. With Jot-It To Me you can and it's easy. Send single or group email messages/texts to remind you or others of important events, such as birthdays, meetings, doctor visits, etc. Set up reminders for errands, TV shows, sporting events or anything else you can think of.

Schedule reminders to send immediately, later that day or some time in the future.

Note: In order to send texts you must provide the network carrier. Please email us if your carrier is not listed. We will usually add the carrier within 24 hours.

Most emails and texts will be delivered within 5 min. of the schedule time. As with all services, network traffic can delay the delivery of some messages but thankfully this is rare.

For questions or support please email us at JotItToMe@bettersearchllc.com.

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