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Are you a small business located in Westchester County New York area? Unhappy with your web sites position on the major search engines?

If you are reading this, then you have seen the results of good search engine optimization or SEO. There are thousands of companies looking to get into the top 25 search results on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. How do we do it? How do we consistently get our client's in the top 25 results on Google, Yahoo! and Bing? Well, we can not divulge our secretes but we can sell you our services.


With our service, you get natural or organic search engine optimization. Natural or organic SEO allows our clients to gain free search listings within the major search engines without incurring ongoing search engine marketing (SEM) costs. In other words, you receive a higher position for your customer searches without additional monthly expenses through site submission software or pay-per-click online advertising (paid sponsored listings).

Better Search's pricing structure is unique. You pay for pages we optimize for you and then, an optional yearly maintenance fee. There are long term contracts or monthly commitments.

We specialize in natural search engine optimization for small business. If top 25 search engine optimization is what you are looking for, Better Search is for you. Better Search is Better Business.

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We Guarantee our Work

At Better Search we guarantee our work. If we do not deliver and put you in the top 25 results on one of the three main search engines, we will give you back your money. It's that simple. That's how confident we are that will will get you in the top 25 search results. Our guarantee is good for one year.

Why Should You Hire Better Search?

  • Top 25 search engine results.
  • Increase your business.
  • Increase traffic to your web site.
  • Possibly increase your page rank.
  • Crush your competition.
  • Low prices with a one year guarantee. That's right a guarantee.

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