LearnMe Calendar app is a TABLET based app for teachers or parents to administer to students trying to master basic calendar skills. It is great for teaching both the young and Autistic children who will enjoy the touched based interactive learning style built into LearnMe Calendar.

Does your child or student struggle with calendar concepts? Can they differentiate between what is Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday? Do they know the months of the year, the days of the week or Holiday's? Can they add or take away days, weeks or months using a calendar? If not, LearnMe Calendar is the app for your child or student. This app not only tracks data but meets Daily and Cognitive IEP goals: When presented with a calendar, the student will identify the names of the days, the names of the months and the year. The student will name the days of the week and locate how many of the same days exist within a month. Using a calendar, the student will name the days for today, yesterday and tomorrow.

LearnMe Calendar excels at reinforcing the days of the week, the months of the year and the US Holiday's. It does so by memory matching games, drag and drop holiday's onto a calendar and an 10 question interactive challenge, to test skills learned.


  1. Add events to the calendar.
  2. Jump to any date.
  3. Memory matching game for months and days.
  4. Drag and drop US Holiday's onto the proper date of a calendar.
  5. Drag and drop months or days.
  6. Take a 10 question challenge to test skills.
  7. Click on a date to see what the day and date is.
  8. Master Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday.
  9. Track scores for Daily and Cognitive IEP goals.
  10. Add and subtract days, weeks and years.
  11. Count days in a month.
  12. And much more.